Television Commercial Production

If you’re looking to ramp up exposure for your brand, product, service or cause as quickly as possible, a television or digital video commercial is a great way to build awareness among national, regional and local audiences. With the advent of online and on-demand broadcasting, video advertising is now more accessible than ever to organizations of any size. Arrowsmith provides a full range of creative and marketing services to help you develop a  campaign that will leave a lasting impression with viewers while maximizing your return on investment, including:

  • Concept Development
  • Script and Storyboard Creation
  • On-location Filming
  • In-studio shoots
  • Post Production
  • Digital Animation
  • Market Analysis
  • Ad Buying

Our services are designed to be as flexible as possible to accommodate the needs of any business or budget, regardless of size.

Live-action Commercial Production

Whether filmed in-studio or on-location, a live-action commercial uses actors or company spokespeople to promote your business. This format allows for almost unlimited creativity and can be used for anything from infomercial-type advertisements to scripted stories. If necessary, stock video footage can be substituted for original material to significantly offset the cost of production.

Animated and Typographical Commercials

Animated and typographical commercials are a great way to deliver your message while avoiding the time and expense associated with filming a live-action ad. These ads are characterized by their use of titles and voice-overs to convey information in a simple and effective way.

Our team will work closely with you to determine the best ad placement based on your budget and target audience. We work closely with a wide selection of media properties across a variety of mediums.

Broadcast Television Commercials

Traditional broadcast networks, such as CTV/Bell Media, CBC, Global, CityTV and Rogers, air commercials throughout the day on a fixed schedule. Ad time is typically purchased for either a particular show or time of day with the cost being determined by the expected number of viewers. Geographic targeting is limited by where the signal originates. Some networks will offer only a single feed to cover an entire province, while others maintain local stations for a municipality or region. If your campaign targets a specific demographic, you can elect to air your commercial on one of the many ‘speciality’ channels (Golf, Business News Network, Comedy, MTV, etc.) which typically cater to different viewers based on age and gender. For a low-cost, all-purpose campaign, you may also want to consider the TV Guide channel – the best choice for small businesses looking to reach a locally-biased audience.

Online Video Advertising

Given the ubiquity of broadband internet access and the growing popularly of on-demand viewing, most major networks now offer the ability for viewers to access their content online. Sites such as,, and Rogers on Demand Online provide access to their most popular series and shows, often at no cost to the user. This content is accompanied by ‘pre-roll’ video advertisements which run at the beginning of each clip and cannot be fast-forwarded. One advantage of this approach is that the video can be paired with a clickable banner ad which links directly to the sponsor’s website and can be tracked to assess performance. Unlike broadcast television, it is also possible to geographically target the ad based on the location of the viewer’s internet address. Given the ability to precisely control and determine the total number of views, online video advertising is considerably more cost-effective for small businesses with tighter budgets.