Radio Advertising

For many of us, listening to the radio still plays a role in our daily lives. Whether that involves playing a favourite station while at work, staying entertained during a daily commute or waking up to music every morning, the average Canadian spends over 18 hours each week listening to the radio. With many broadcasters streaming their content online and publishing podcasts of popular shows, this medium is now more accessible than ever. In addition to having a captive audience, radio advertising is considerably less expensive than television advertising. With a variety of stations to choose from, covering a diverse range of demographic niches, Arrowsmith can help you put together a campaign that aligns with your budget and target audience. Our services include:

  • Script writing
  • Access to professional vocal talent
  • Audio post production
  • Ad buying
  • Campaign coordination

In addition to radio advertisements, our audio production services and voice talent can be used to meet other needs as well such as greeting messages for phone systems and voice overs for video presentations and television commercials.